Jens Lundberg b.1988 lives and works in Vanås, Sweden

My work consists of black and white large-scale ink washes where the slow and irreversible way of working becomes a method of being completely present with the subject. I work with photographs that are drawn on aquarell paper and then washed out with water and ink. The working method is reminiscent of a development process where repetition and accuracy are key words. Each image is painted with several hundred layers of diluted ink and
for each layer the image slowly grows. The collaboration between man and material is always present during the process and the constant oscillate between taking control and losing oneself in it. For me, painting has come to be about documenting, understanding and getting closer to my surroundings, but also pausing and confessing the perishable. I am interested in what it means to be one's own and the encounter between individuals and the idea of ​​what it means to coexist with individuals of another species.